My week in 5

5. Back on my bike this week and out for three rides. Loved our sunshine and warmth in October. Nothing beats fresh air on a beautiful day.

4. Finished getting my garden ready for Fall and it look soooo beautiful.

3. Working on three new covers for my Mabel Hartley series and getting ready to RELAUNCH my series this Fall with the publication of book 4.

2. Almost to a final draft of book 4 “The Gangster’s Fortune.” Pushing through and getting to a great story for readers and fans.

1.Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. That means family. My mum is coming to visit for the weekend and my children and husband are excited for turkey and all the fixings.

My week in 5

5. My son finished first in the Terry Fox 10 km run on Sunday followed closely behind by his sister and father.

4.First rains came back to our island making it feel an awful lot like Fall. I’m happy to see the beginning of the seasons changing but truth be told….I miss my kids when they’re at school.

3. Began formatting my fourth book to get it ready to give to my editor. Exciting times for this author to see another book coming out of the shadows and into the forefront.

2. Bike rack installed on my car to get out for some nice rides during the day.

1.Keeping my mental and physical health in check with lots of self-care, good food and talks with good friends.

Working on a new draft of book four

It’s been an exciting week. With my kids away at summer camp, I’ve had quiet time in the house to get back to writing.

One of my readers gave me back the first draft of my fourth story, “The Gangster’s Cache,” and with it lots of feedback for revisions. So here I am in my favorite spot, sitting with Mabel, Tabby and Hugh and heading into the next story with new ideas to make the story stronger and more exciting.

I loved this life, of writing and exploring ideas and finding ways to say things in words.

For this afternoon, blackberry picking and going to the beach at around 7pm to watch the sky change to night as I enjoy these last few days of quiet in the house.

Almost mid-summer update 2017

Around our house, we’ve been travelling a lot of July and these are some of the fun things we’ve been doing

  • rollerblading and skateboarding around a tiny airport where float planes and biplanes like to take off and stopping at the smoothie stand for primo milkshakes
  • watching my garden turn into the land of lillies
  • going to see Wonder Woman, and she is wonderful
  • renting movies from the video store like Angry Birds, Storks, and Kong Skull Island
  • preparing apple crisp, even though fall is a long way off
  • swimming in the ocean
  • reading Romeo and Juliet
  • reading the novel “The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns”
  • travelling to Vernon, BC and getting spa treatments with sugar rubs and mud
  • getting wood from our own trees for our woodshed and the winter ahead

My week in 5

5. I started writing the 5th and final book in my Mabel Hartley series. Clearing the first three chapters and on to chapter four!!!

4. I gave my 4th book out to one of my beta-readers to get initial feedback and some love for the story (I hope).

3. I celebrated my 44th birthday with so many tears for the loss of my dad and my first birthday without him in my life. Devastating loss in my life that seems to constantly be with me.

2. June 18 was the 3 month anniversary of my father’s death. A very sad weekend.

1.My baby girl turns 10 today. Both my kids are in the double digits now. Can’t believe how proud I am to be their mum and of all their accomplishments!

My week in 5

5. I have a first draft of book four that I’m happy with

4. I visited two elementary schools this week and spoke to students in grades 4-7. It was the most exhilarating week to talk to my readers and connect in person.

3. I watched my children get first and second places in their events at the Track and Field meet. My kids can fly!

2. I did yoga by the beach for the first time.

1.I got to talk to a boy who told me about a book he was writing. He also told me how much he loved reading. Our chat made my heart sing!